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Choose from any of our golf club repair services in the Raleigh area. Shaft Install and removal, Tighten Head, Length or Shorten Club, Loft and Lie Adjustment, Re-gripping, and Installing Adapters. You can also setup custom etching and engraving on your clubs or on ball markers and other golf gear.

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$75.00 Minimum Service Charge is


* Prices quoted are for labor only; other materials (grips, shaft, etc) will determine final price.
* Our services cover a 20 mile radius surrounding the Raleigh Area.

Shaft Install (Per Club) - $25

Shaft Removal Only (Per Club) - $10

Tighten Head (Per Club) - $15

Length/Shorten Club (Per Club) - $10

Loft and Lie Adjustment (Per Club) - $10

Re-gripping (Per Club) - $3.50

Install Adapter(Per Club) - $20