Golf Hosel Wire Brush Stainless Steel

Golf Hosel Wire Brush Stainless Steel

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Quick List

Shaft Install (Per Club) - $25

Shaft Removal Only (Per Club) - $10

Tighten Head (Per Club) - $15

Length/Shorten Club (Per Club) - $10

Loft and Lie Adjustment (Per Club) - $10

Re-gripping (Per Club) - $3

Re-gripping (Provided Grip) - $5

Install Adapter(Per Club) - $20

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  • This drill bit is a handy, must-have tool for any club builder's shop.  Attach to any drill for cleaning old epoxy out of the hosel of golf clubs to prep them for re-installation.  After you clean out the hosel with the wire brush, use a cotton swap with acetone and clean out the remaining dust in the hosel and the club is ready for assembly.   

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